Frequently Asked Questions – Detailing

Thank You For Your Interest! Because we deal with a lot of new clients who usually asked the same thing our other clients did, we have decided to share the most often asked questions with you. It is obvious that a lot of your individual questions will not be listed, therefore, we invite you to email us on any questions you may personally have!

1.Q. My dealer added a paint sealant and said my car never needs waxing again, Is this true?

A.┬áNo! This is one of the biggest marketing hypes in the New Car Industry! Meaning that “sealant” (which does last longer than wax) still needs to be reapplied every three to six months. This statement “Never Wax Again”, simply means sealant rather than wax must be applied again. If you paid the dealer for this coating, the contract requires this sealant be reapplied at specific periods to maintain the warranty. Waxing is a completely safe alternative but only lasts 4 weeks (Spray on wax from a carwash may last a week)

2.Q. Can I safely wash my car with household detergent ?

A. No, detergent is extremely harsh on your paint. It will strip away your wax protection and encourage your finish to age prematurely.

3.Q. What is the difference between washing and cleaning ?

A. Washing is the process of removing surface dirt and grime from your car’s paint. Cleaning removes dead, oxidized paint as well as stubborn surface contamination that can’t be removed with washing.

4.Q. Do I need to use a paint cleaner on my new car?

A. Even a brand new vehicle may need some special attention. Once you have washed your car, evaluate the surface. If its not as smooth as glass, remove contamination using a clay bar.

5.Q. Do I need to polish my new car?

A. If you have a darker colored car, its imperative that you polish the paint from the beginning. It is easier to keep your paint looking glossy by applying a polish regularly to restore the paint once it becomes dull.

6.Q. Can I wax my new car immediately?

A. “Special Factory Process” means your car’s original paint is fully cured and ready for waxing.

7.Q. What’s the difference between Polishing and Waxing?

A. Polishing is designed to bring out the gloss. Waxing is for protection. Polishing is what makes the wet look possible.

8.Q. How often should I polish & wax my vehicle?

A. Considering your goals for enduring shine & protection, applying polish & wax is recommended eight to ten times annually.

9.Q. Why do I see ugly buffer swirl marks in my car’s paint in the direct sunlight.

A. This is caused by the unprofessional use of a high speed (rotary) buffer.

Frequently Asked Questions – Janitorial

1.Q. How do you determine the cleaning and maintenance of a office building?

A. Estimate the cost of materials and the time required to perform a job.

2.Q.What is the importance of an accurate estimate?

A. An accurate estimate is recognized by the positive effect set by the estimator.

3.Q. What are the general cleaning procedures for your company?

A. To determine the general procedures a company must review the average time to perform the operation.

4.Q. How will you save my company money?

A. Having the opportunity of receiving professional work and not having to correct an unprofessional cleaning job.


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