Aviation Detailing

Aviation Cleaning & Detailing Program

Complete Exterior Washing
· Dry and Wet washing Techniques
· Includes the entire fuselage, wings, (tops and bottoms) landing gear, tail etc.

Exterior Departure Cleaning1051
· A quick wipe down of all areas needing attention.
· Common areas- Lower engine cowls, wing tops, leading edges and fuselage.

Leading Edge Brightwork Polishing
· Remove grime, oxidation, water spots, contaminants, minor scratches and blemishes.

Exterior Overcoat Protection
· Apply Formula AT5 Acrylic Teflon

Exterior Waxing & Polishing
· Orbital wax & polish, removing oxidation, restoring shine and protect paint.

DE-Ice Boot Prep and Treatment
· Cleaning and stripping of old boot and apply application of manufacturer
approved boot refinishes to condition boots and restores shine.

Landing Gear Degreasing and Detailing
· Thoroughly clean and degrease all landing gear components and crevices

Flap well Degreasing and Detailing
· Clean and degrease all visible areas and accessible components not normally treated in a general cleaning.1031

Complete Interior Detailing
· Inside and out of all interior surfaces and compartments including cockpit,
cabin, windows, galley (s) lavatory (s), etc. are cleaned thoroughly.
· Services included in our complete detail are carpet extraction, upholstery cleaning,
wood cleaning, cockpit instrument and galley detail, leather conditioning,
preparation of cabin for departure, and much more.

Interior Departure Cleaning
· Prepare cabin for departure by vacuuming, cleaning windows,
spot cleaning, carpeting and upholstery, wiping down all wood and
leather surfaces, lavatory cleaning and more.

Carpet/Fabric Stain and Soil Protection

· Clean upholstery and carpet cleaned on a regular basis.
· Before it begins to show soil; a schedule of every twelve months.
· Have an application of IN FLIGHT applied at this time.
· This product provides an invisible protection around and through every fiber
in natural or synthetic material.1050

Amenity Cleaning Service
· Clean and disinfect all surfaces and fixtures.


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